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Sunday, March 22, 2015


I am really having fun going international this weekend. Keep those suggestions coming. What nation should Mallika visit next?


  1. You used her! I knew you couldn't resist Cote! :) XD

  2. I plan on using her a few more times. I also plan to use most of the others you named too, at least once. They will probably go into my Mallikas Quest storyline. Depends on how many actresses from one country I get first. Please keep commenting and throwing out names though. You are right though I couldn't resist using her and now she is a main character in FDBSE, at least for a while. :)

  3. Maybe you can visit UK, Australia, Italia or Spain?

  4. I wanna visit each one of those countries eventually. I am hoping I can get someone from each of them to supply a list of names , because "hot Australian actresses " on google search wont give me their version of Jennifer Aniston or Scarlett Johannsen . We will see if anyone helps out by next week. I really need the point of view from someone who lives there or has lived there. You don't know how helpful you were for France, and for the series to be successful that is what I need from every country I visit.