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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mallikas' Quest Week One France

Chime in by Country

My first in a new branch celebrating beauty from around the world. Started with the Chime in by country post and comments and I would like to see it continue. You folks in the other nations who read my blog should be aware that you got beaten by the French. They were the first to give names of some very beautiful women for me to learn about, and you need to catch up!!!! Please comment on what you think about this branch and should I continue.


  1. Delphine Wespiser (miss france)

  2. I am voluntary to swap my male body with one of these, I think in this order:
    Karine Ferri, Jenifer, Faustine Bollaert, Lorie, Marie-Ange Casalta.

  3. A last list:
    Sonia Chironi presentater
    Amandine Bégot presentater
    Laëtitia Milot actress
    Priscilla Betti singer
    Claire Vocquier Ficot presentater
    Valentine Desjeunes presentater
    Tania Young presentater
    Anne Gaelle Riccio presentater

  4. And Shirley Bousquet actress

    1. 08napo, shoot me an email at freakydaughter@yahoo.com. I have an idea.

  5. Yes. All of these ladies are very beautiful and exactly the type of women I was looking for, and will be kept in mind should Mallika ever goes back to France, but she has a whole world she plans to travel and I expect her to travel to a different country next time. Maybe in South America. Maybe Australia. And I still would like to visit Russia too. Depends on if someone else gives me names of the beautiful women of their homeland. Since you would choose Karine Ferri I think I would like to be Lorie, 08napo . Thank you for your help in this experiment of mine , you have given the type of participation that I hope others will give for their homeland. Thank you :)

  6. As I previously put out there and since I realized you have used Ming Na Wen on several occasions but several others in my original suggestions still stand. Although I am too American. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Cote de Pablo, Parminder Nagra, Mozhan Marnò, Natalia Poklonskaya, Famke Janssen, Lucy Liu (whose a name that hasn't seen much popularity lately), and Hettienne Park.

    Can't wait to see what any of mine or anyone else's suggestions do for you in terms of future stories. :)

    1. Oh I haven't forgotten about you or the names you listed. I just recently worked out how to make this into a series. Most , if not all the names you have listed will be used very soon. This started as an experiment and is just now becoming a reality. Thank you for contributing to the dialogue and stay tuned. Good things are coming in this story branch! I promise! ;)