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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Very First FDSBE Caption Contest !!!

 Okay everyone, Mothers Day is Sunday May 10th ( 35 Days away) and I am now taking applications for the very FIRST FDBSE CAPTION CONTEST !!! So all bloggers and non bloggers alike, if you can make a caption with a Mothers Day theme send your entries in. The winner will get pride, but we will all get new Mother themed caps! The deadline will be Friday May 8th and I will accept three captions per entry. You don't have to be a blogger to enter just make a few captions and you are in ( after submitting entries , you can never be too careful).  So go ahead make what you want , its freestyle as long as it has a Mother theme. In case you can't find the email its freakydaughter@yahoo.com   . Happy Capping !


  1. I'll definitely be sending an entry in.

  2. Thanks Morgan. Those are awesome, when everyone else gets to see them they will love it too.