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Friday, March 20, 2015

Chime in by country

Just a quick note to tell everyone how much I appreciate all of you. I would like to see if my readers would give a shout out and chime in by the country you hail from, and name a woman from your homeland that I , as an American, may not know of. I want to try and incorporate lesser known women from around the world into some of my caps. Don't worry I will still be using bigger well known stars too , I just want to try something a little different. Anonymous comments are fine as well as those folks who give names or nicknames. Again thank you all for reading and I hope you come back to this site time and time again.


  1. How about Karine Ferri from France?

    1. Yes... very good. Wikipedia says that she is putting together a very nice career as a model and tv presenter in France. Plus her charities are passionate and heartfelt. Plus she is good looking. Very good choice. Just the type of woman I am looking for in this. Do you or anyone else have anymore?

  2. Jenifer (singer maybe you can find with Jenifer Bartoli)
    Faustine Bollaert (presenter)
    Marie-Ange Casalta (presenter)
    Lorie (singer)

  3. Very good 08napo , I think I will start a new branch of my storyline using many of these ladies. As for every one else , chime in or concede that France has the most beautiful ladies in the world. Don't kid yourself either, these ladies that 08napo listed are very beautiful.

  4. Really? No one else has national pride? WOW!!!!!