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Been just a little slow at making caps lately. I have decided to start breaking up my longer series into smaller episodes to help prevent writers block and to give my readers a reason to come back more often. Multiple panel series such as Mallikas Quest ( the next installment which has finally been scheduled) and NHS will now be released one or two panels at a time. Email me at freakydaughter@yahoo.com to request or just chat.
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The Freaky Duchess

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Rise of the Freaky Daughter


  1. Kelsey, you should have incapacitated your dad by turning him into your panties instead!

    1. Thanks for commenting Gugubu ,you have the honor of being my first commenter. I would do that to him because I am open to many things but I am still new at swapping bodies and transformations , and his research is quite extensive so I will keep him around for a while. I may be a problem child for him but I am still his little girl...well sort of.