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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Glamour Remote 2

I have been laying in bed all day , trying to sweat out a summer cold. That's bad news for me : ( but good news for you : )   I have nothing better to do between naps than to make a few captions. This was inspired by comments in the Just Curious post. http://freakydaughtersfreakybodyswaps.blogspot.com/2015/09/just-curious.html#comment-form


  1. Sad that you're sick but glad you're making some caps. I enjoy reading them.

    1. Thank you Anonymous, but I will be okay. It is just a cold caused by changing weather. I hope to make a few more today.

  2. I understand that this is your site, but I really didn't suspect that their would be a cap based on Jayne Mansfield here at all. but again, your welcome for the ahem "inspiration" of course.

    Also I know that this may sound a little bit odd here, but can you do a cap where Miss Yvonne does a body swap with Pee Wee Herman by Jambi the Genie?