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Friday, February 6, 2015

Following Up on the Rude Awakening

For those that are new here, all of my caps make up one long story that has a few different branches going. Some can stand alone while others, like this one wont make a whole lot of sense unless you start from the beginning. Then again its a soap opera so it may still not make sense. Anyway I hope you enjoy! And please give feedback. Expect a new story arc early next week.


  1. Great work! I love the Kate Middleton picture! I prefer more M2F and with a mask and a bodysuit more than the costume gun.

    1. Thanks. The Kate pic just says " I did something naughty" doesn't it. The body swap device is actually a variation of the reversal rings that move person A into person B and takes person B's soul and places them into a ' containment unit'. It was a bad attempt at a homage to Ghostbusters. You know their containment unit, the place where they stored their captured ghost. Or, in this case displaced souls. Remember it is an evil body swap corperation. Kristens body is still around, but no one is home. It is just waiting for someone to occupy it.