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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Random Testimonial Number One


  1. funny story, but theformer Raven is right Jennifer was dumb. LOL!

    1. You are right eotten. But what can I say she was frustrated and then duped by an evil saleswoman from an evil bodyswap company, but it is part of an overall plot. These people have no morals and look for any taboo to break. Fear not though a hero will emerge soon to fight for right.

  2. There is so much I love about this, including how great the former daughter looks in new mature body. I'm sure her dad'-now-husband will wonder what "got" into his wife... when it's really more of a "who"... and I'm sure the new daughter will show just how immature she really is to give up such a wonderful life and body. - becoming@myself.com