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Been just a little slow at making caps lately. I have decided to start breaking up my longer series into smaller episodes to help prevent writers block and to give my readers a reason to come back more often. Multiple panel series such as Mallikas Quest ( the next installment which has finally been scheduled) and NHS will now be released one or two panels at a time. Email me at freakydaughter@yahoo.com to request or just chat.
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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Duchess' Body Snatching Adventure Part 1

All bodyhops in this month long series require the celeb I am in and the celeb I will hop next to be photographed together . Even I don't know where I will end up at the end of the month. Any bets ?


  1. I am gonna bet at Margot Robbie. And the way to end up at this will be something like: Reese Witherspoon -> Sofia Vergara -> Sarah Hyland -> Taylor Swift -> Cara Delevingne -> Margot Robbie.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised to see all those names in there, and I am sure Margot Robbie will land in this series too, but there will be a lot more hops in this series than that. One daily until July 31st!

    2. Plus the first week has been scheduled already, and ...well... you missed so far.